craft box redo [diy]

so heres another diy that i did a while ago actually. i took this old beat up box-thingy from goodwill and wanted to change it up to make it more stylish so that it can fit my craft stuff- pens, stamps, ribbons, small scraps of papers and such. so again with the help of my amazing husband i ended with this:

i unfortunately didnt take a before picture- i wish i did.

 and so in order to make this, you will need the following items:

an old thrifted box

sand paper

screw driver

spray paint

craft paper


1. so to start off make sure to take off any screws to allow you to sand/paint everywhere properly.

2. after taking your whole box apart-start sanding away. if your box has shiny glossy finish on it- you will need to get rid of it completely. mine was wood with no finish on so it was a light sanding job. you need to get rid of it fully in order for your new paint to stick on it (as per my husband :))

3. get your box painted

4. make sure it’s completely dry before putting your box back together.

5. once your box is completely assembled back as it should be- cut out squares/rectangles of craft paper and put those at the bottom of your craft box to make it more jolly- like so :

 if you make one-id love to see what yours looks like-so share!

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